Dictionary of Dream Symbols

Are your dreams tormenting you with their complete obscurity? You can get help at The Curious Dreamer, a search engine/dictionary dedicated to dream images at .

Of course, a certain amount of dream symbolism is personal, but this dictionary allows you to search for general concepts (the site acknowledges that listed definitions are only possible, not definitive.) I looked up message. The dream dictionary gave me three possibilities: e-mail message, telephone message, and message in general. The definitions were also cross-referenced with different symbols (communication) or categories (objects; currently there are over 400 items in the objects category.) If you search for something that isn’t in the dictionary, you’ll get a message that your item isn’t there, and that items are being added periodically (where are these definitions coming from?)

In addition to the search engine, you may also browse the dictionary alphabetically or by category or symbol. In addition to the definitions there’s also a list of dream types, a brief dream article list, and a dream glossary.

Going through this I’m getting a new perspective on my dreams — mainly that they’re terribly prosaic. Your mileage may vary. I wouldn’t use this site for self-analysis (and I’d really love to know where these definitions are being gathered) but it’s a fun browse.

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