TagBulb Features Massive Tag Metasearch

Like tags? Want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out TagBulb at, which offers tag search in a head-pounding number of categories.

Yes, head-pounding. No less than fourteen categories of tag search — yikes. I did a sample search for engineering to run through all the searches. TagBulb has all the categories in a line but the search results start with the second category (videos) instead of the first (images). This is annoying. Anyway, the kinds of results you get depends on the category — images and videos give you thumbnails, products give you product shots, blog search gives you plain results, etc. For each category the sources are listed across the top of the results. Click on a source to get those results — they’re not lumped together.

Across the very top of the search results, you can get some related tags for your search, a link to a tag cloud, recent tags, or popular tags. Both the recent tags and popular tags are absolutely not safe for work. If you want to see all the tags — TagBulb calls this a tag universe, and it is too big to be a tag cloud, check out . Again, not safe for work.

I would use this engine for more of an overview of what’s out there, as it isn’t comprehensive — it lists only two blog search engines, for example, while Zuula lists four (and of course Zuula isn’t comprehensive either.) You’ll also want to be aware that sometimes you’re not told how things are being sorted; Google Blog Search simply sorts the items by relevance, you don’t get the option to search by date. On the other hand I was made aware of several search resources I didn’t know about using this site, I like the thumbnail layouts, and the results were very quick.

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