ResearchBuzz Roundup 021007

YAY! Clippy’s Dead!

New database to protect consumers in Indiana. “The database, which can be found on, was established as part of National Consumer Protection Week. It allows users to view a searchable list of companies that have faced legal action for violating the Deceptive Consumer Sales Act.”

New digital museum for Richmond, Vermont: .

The Top 25 Web 2.0 Search Engines. Wow, some nice stuff in here…

Time to search the Web for summer camps. I went to Target the other day for some fingerless gloves (it’s very cold where I work) and they didn’t have any — that season was over. (It was something like 18 degrees outside while they were telling me this.) Meanwhile, there were aisles and aisles of swimsuits. Rggh.

Kodak and Mozilla team up for photo sharing service.

A little more information on Search Wikia.

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