FyberSearch Releases Specialty Car Search

FyberSearch has released Revved Search, a new search engine focused on automobiles. You can find it in beta at .

And boy, if I’ve ever seen product specific search options, I’ve seen them now. Revved Search allows you to search for information about either popular and recent cars (that search goes back to 1988) or all cars (this search goes back to 1896 (!) though FyberSearch acknowledges that they haven’t covered every iteration of vehicle.) You search by make, model, year, or variant, with the option to narrow your search by a variety of factors, including curb weight, value, and milage. Not all vehicles listed, especially the older ones, have complete information.

I did a search for vehicles from 1991, ordered by gas milage. (You have the option to sort by Gas Mileage ASC or Gas Mileage DSC, which I assume means ascending and descending, but picking one of the two didn’t seem to make any difference. I got ten vehicles. A filter on the side of the search results allows you to narrow the search results further, by factors like approximate value, price range, and curb weight.

Each model also has its own page, like this page for the 1972 Chevy Vega. Notice this is not a complete listing of information for the car. Additional links allow you to look the model up on Wikipedia, find used cars for sale on eBay as well as find news (Yahoo News) and reviews ( You also have the option to add aftermarket parts to change some of the stats on the car. (The last one is “Take the trash out” which is supposed to remove five pounds from the curb weight…)

I like the specialty factors that you can use to narrow down your search and I had a lot of fun playing with this search engine. There are however a couple of things that I find a little annoying about Revved Search. First is that whenever I tried to do a search for an older model and went back to the search page, the search default reset to recent car models. The second is that there are several tabs above Revved Search, for feeds, sentences, lessons, etc. It isn’t clear enough that these are separate FyberSearch properties, and aren’t more specialized ways of finding car information. Clicking on the Feeds tab is not going to let you search for car-related feeds, it’s just going to let you search for feeds.

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