ResearchBuzz and Second Life

There has been a great deal of interest in Second Life lately at the company where I work. (Yeah, I know — going from pallet jacks to virtual worlds. What can I say, it’s an interesting place to work.)

Anyway, when I want to learn something it’s usually best for me to just jump in and start muddling around, so that’s what I’ve been doing with Second Life. I have a little plot of land and a little building. Right now there’s not much there — a display to show the latest ResearchBuzz news and a newspaper box where you can pick up the latest issue of the newsletter. Upstairs there’s a whiteboard and chalkboard and some chairs — if I knew of a good way to do Web browsing in-world I can see where it could be fun to use the room to have small sessions of search engine Hacky Sack.

I am intrigued by the possibilities and more determined than ever to figure out the scripting. But as I grow more aware of what’s available, I’m thinking a lot about how the “official” resources of SL — the Swedish embassy, for example — could be cataloged and exhibited, or even made more searchable — searchability in SL doesn’t exactly overwhelm me.

If you’re running an official (Swedish embassy for example) or an educational (library, school, teaching resource, tutorial location) location, please drop me a note or let me know. I’m going to be doing some organizational/display experiments. (The first experiment will be in making signage that doesn’t look dreadful.) Or feel free to drop by my little building; it’s at . I am very much an SL newbie so this is a total work-in-progress.

There has been some online declaration that Second Life is All That and a bucket of Moon Pies. Not quite sure that I agree with that assessment, but I find the idea of organizing information and available resources across a wide variety of categories — in a virtual word that offers scads of interactivity and lots of tools — to be an interesting and fun puzzle.

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