Site for Listing Educational Podcasts

Looking for educational podcasts? Check out , a site devoted to listing podcasts related to higher education.

Podcasts are searchable by keyword. Further, you can limit your search by format (audio or video) and by length (0-15 minutes, 15-30 minutes, etc.) There’s also a “Show All” button, which I recommend using as there’s a limited number of podcasts available that I could find (about 40.) Search results are presented in a table that includes title, category (format, presentation, interview, etc.), length, keywords, authors, and date of submission.

Click on the title of the podcast and get a page of detail, including abstract, Creative Commons license, and contact information. Doesn’t look like any of the podcasts are hosted on Ed-Cast.

There’s an RSS feed available for the latest podcast submissions; look beneath the search form for the icon. A great idea and what podcasts I found seemed to be high-quality, but it would be great to see more here.

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