Alexaholic is Graphalicious

Oh boy. I love graph-generating Web toys. And hey, I could even do some traffic comparison with this thing. Alexaholic, at , allows you to do traffic comparison and more of up to five different domains and get the data in graph form.

From the front page enter the domain whose traffic you want to compare. I entered ,, and The first graph I got showed me the reach, in millions, of the compared Web sites over the last year, in graph format. Bear in mind that if you compare domains that are very very different in traffic, the graph may not be very useful. So if you compared, say,,, and, WRAL is not going to show up on the graph except as a line on the bottom of the graph — the traffic is too low in comparison to the other two sites.

Additional tabs give you access to more graphs, including daily traffic rank and page views. Another set of tabs allows you to narrow your focus to the last seven days or expand it to the last five years. A third set of tabs lets you control the smoothness of the graph curves. Finally there’s a button to let you get a permalink to the graph you generated.

Alexaholic offers code that enables you to embed its charts on your own site. There’s also a huge list — Seth Godin’s Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List — that shows you current traffic rank and movement for over 900 Web 2.0 sites. I’m not sure why some of these sites were considered Web 2.0 — Feedster? Icerocket? — but it’s still a pretty interesting list of sites if you remove the 2.0 label.

Very cool. I could spend a lot of time here, making graphs.

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