Search Engine for Finding Tickets

I’m sure I’ll find this much more interesting during baseball season. If you’re looking for a place to find event tickets, check out Ticketwood ( ) which first finds events for you and then finds tickets for those events.

Not every last event out there, however. Ticketwood finds tickets for major sports (NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, etc.) Theatre and concert tickets are also covered. You can do a keyword search to find events. I searched for finals and found dozens of results, from tennis to NCAA basketball to, I am not kidding, cricket. (They seem to be listed in order of date, nearest events listed first.) Search listings contain event name, location, and date. The event name looks like a hyperlink but it’s not — click on the View Tix button to get listings of available tickets.

I looked at the Minnesota State High School Class AA Hockey Tournament Quarterfinals. Viewing tickets here found eight tickets available, listed in order of price, with information on the vendors and the location of the seat. (Some of the seat location information is more useful than others.) Vendors available here included StubHub, GreatSeats, and TicketsNow. Again, the vendor looks like it’d be clickable, but it’s not — click on the Visit button to take you to the vendor’s site and actually buy the tickets. A nav on the left will point you to related events, areas, and venues.

It’s a little hard to find but you can browse for events by venue as well as get information on the various ticket brokers on this site. The front page has pointers to cities where you can look for events, but not many are listed. The page for reviewing city-specific events looks like this: If you want to see if your city has listings, substitute your city’s name for New-York. Phoenix, for example, looks like this:

Of course this site isn’t going to cover every event in your city, but it’s a great place to get started, especially when you’re looking for sports happenings.

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