Mozilla Roundup — New Products

Mozilla has announced a bunch of upgrades. Mozilla Firefox has been released, as has Firefox But the real reason I’m mentioning this here, as you can see in this announcement, is that security updates for Firefox 1.5 will be discontinued on April 24. so if you’re using Firefox 1.5, you want to think seriously about upgrading..

In other Mozilla news, two new versions of Seamonkey have been released. I’ve been using that on Puppy Linux and I like it pretty well. If you use Thunderbird, you’ll be interested to know that is now available.

Reading about these other projects, I got curious about what’s going on with Penelope, which as you might remember is going to be the open source answer to Eudora. The short answer appears to be not much. The home page hasn’t been changed since mid-January and there don’t appear to be any releases available. I will have to be patient…

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