Pandia Rollyos Up a Search Engine About Search Engines

Search site Pandia has launched Pandia Search in Search, now available at . This site is a Rollyo-created search engine for finding only news about search engines!

There are two search options; you can search “all the best sites” about search engines, or you can search only the top 25. The top 25 includes ResearchBuzz (aw, thanks!) as well as many stellar sites like Search Engine Land, Traffick, Threadwatch, and Webmasterworld. Some of the official search engine blogs are covered as well. You can get a full list of the top 25 and an overview of what makes the rest of the search engine at .

While you’re at Pandia — actually, while you’re at that specific page at — don’t forget to check out the other search tools here, including pointers to search engine discussion forums, places to get search engine news, and non-English search engine sites.

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