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How much you like this resource depends on where you’re interested in. If you’re into metro areas and other busy places, you’ll probably find a lot to see here. If you’re more about small towns in the middle of Nebraska, you’ll get much less out of it. RRove, at , allows you to tag and review physical locations. You can also get pictures and events for locations as well.

From the front page you can view sets of places, or see most-recently added places or popular places. You can also search for places ala Google Maps: search for x near y. I did a search for North Carolina with no keywords and got two locations. Then I did a search for New York with no keywords and got over 4600 results. Definitely go for the metro area.

(If you’re just looking for a particular kind of place, and not in a specific location, search for a keyword without a specified location.)

I did another New York search, this time for deli, and got over 240 results, which are listed alphabetically ten at a time, with Google Maps locations. Click on the name of the location for a details page. The details page gives you comments about the location, sometimes a star rating, offline address/contact information, and a listing of nearby events. Sometimes you’ll also get Flickr photos of the location (this is more true of a place like Times Square than a place like Fred’s Deli.)

Note that not just businesses/institutions are listed here. A couple of the searches I did I found people’s houses listed. And sometimes it’s a group of places, like Times Square. It works best for metro areas, and it would be cool if external information was pulled from a few more places (Wikimapia? Worth a browse, though — love those resources that put maps and Flickr photos together…

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