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I must admit: I’m really bad at watching movies. I go in with the best intentions to watch them and have a good time, and something ends up bugging me about the movie and I obsess on it for 91 minutes or however long the movie lasts. Sure, Happy Feet was adorable, but Hugh Jackman’s Elvis impersonation drove me nuts for the entire movie. I need to practice more, I think.

Perhaps I can get some good ideas from Flixfind, at . Flixfind is a directory of movie- related sites. Sites are divided into several categories, including film genres, reviews, international films, festivals, trailers, and publications.

Categories sometimes are divided into subcategories, and sites are listed one page per category. Descriptions are so bad — a few words and an ellipsis — I thought something was wrong. It was; turns out you get the full site description by holding your mouse over the title of the site and getting the description in mouseover box. This is not a design decision with which I agree. If you’re patient enough to browse the pages by mousing over every site that looks interesting, the descriptions are pretty good.

In addition to the site listing, this site also has a custom search tool that searches 200 different movie sites. I now know way more about Spiderman 3 than I ever thought possible.

When you first visit the site you’ll get dropped into the FlixFind blog, which looks like it updates several times a day on everything from general movie news to trends to poster previews to rants and reviews. The wrangler at FlixFind loves his movies and it shows. Worth a look.

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