Search Engine for Tourism Information

Well, it’s not really a search engine. It’s more like a directory. But you can do keyword searching. While there’s an admirable list of sites here it needs a little more functionality to make it most excellent. You can find Everything About Tourism at .

As you might expect from the name, the site is for finding tourism information. You can search by country, by category of site (lots of categories, from accommodations to adventure holidays to travel insurance to travel gifts) or by business name keyword.

I decided I wanted to find adventure holidays in Belgium. I used two pulldown menus to specify Belgium and Adventure Tours. (Once you get to the search results page, you can narrow down further by region.) I got three results, which listed the company name, location (country), and Web site.

And that’s all. No snippet, no last modify date, no anything. This was one time where a preview snap (either a screen shot or a frame of a live Web site) would have been extremely useful. Further, a link to domain information would be great as well – how long has that Web site been up? When was the domain registered? What’s the contact address? How many sites link to it? Etc. More data that would let us assess the site’s credibility would be very useful.

I was impressed with the number and breadth of resources here (safaris in China! Cycling in Finland!) and I like the simple way to put searches together, but I’d love to get more information from the search results than is currently available.

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