ResearchBuzz Roundup 03082007

1001 Widgets now at Opera.

Google releases a new Desktop.

Jenny’s into DDR! Woo hoo!. Just to add something to her comment about pads. You can if you want buy a DDR pad with a foam back, and they’re pretty good. I found, however, that modding a pad by mounting it to 3/4″ plywood and covering it with hardwood floor covering makes something extremely sturdy. The only drawback is that you can no longer fold it. Details and pictures at I modded a pad (a cheapo generic DDR pad) like this and it lasted over three years. (How come they don’t have DDR at Computers in Libraries? What a rip.)

Microsoft announces a new imaging file format. HD Photo.

Digital archives and the UC Libraries: .

Blogs Build an Audience by Promoting Rivals Finds Yale School of Management Study

Take Flickr photos and turn them into comics: .

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