Directory of Online Advertising

Actually I have Flixfind to thank for this site, it was mentioned on their blog., at , is a neat directory of online advertising. Not static banner advertising, but those animated, Flash-based ads.

You can search, but the site also makes it easy to browse through a huge tag cloud (from 160×600 to Wireless Phone) and browse through ads in several categories — Culture and Entertainment, Retail, Technology, etc. Categories also have subcategories as well.

Ads are placed three to a page and show the ad itself, a star rating (you can vote for ads), and the tags associated with the ad. If you click on the ad title you can get a page for that ad which also has a voting form. Sometimes ads had comment forms available and sometimes they didn’t — I wasn’t able to discern a pattern. Ad pages also have an “If you liked this ad you’ll love these…” sidebar that helps browsing a lot.

If you don’t want to browse you can use the search engine that allows you to do simple keyword searches narrowed down by topic/size.

In addition to the browsing and searching, also has some special ad sets available for browsing — Super Bowl ads, Apple ads, and ads for LowerMyBills (you might not recognize the company name, but you’ll recognize the ads instantly if you do any amount of browsing.) It was fun to browse for a while and see how far online advertising has come — and to think, not an invitation to punch a monkey to be found….

(Of course, for those of you who actually miss those “Punch a Monkey” type advertisement, some enterprising human created a whole gallery of them…)

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