Directory of Blogs by Birth Date

Now this is an interesting idea. The Ageless Project, at, lists blogs by the birth years of their authors. As you might expect the majority of blogs listed are by bloggers born in the 1970s, but the directory lists bloggers born as early as 1911 to those born as late as 1988.

The site’s simple. You can do a keyword search or you can browse by decade of birth. (There are so many blogs from the 1970s that you can optionally browse that decade one half at a time.) The 1911 blogger unfortunately does not write in English, but the gentleman who was born in 1913 and writes Don to Earth does some really nice stuff. Blogs are listed with a screen thumbnail, name, year of birth, and name of blogs. Blogs open in a new window. I would really like more description than is provided but to be fair most of these are personal journals with not much in the line of specialty. (Though “My Mom’s Blog” has a recipe for a pie that includes ketchup. I’m going to have to make that for my husband.)

I’m surprised how many people from the 20s and 30s are blogging — awesome! To get an idea of how the site breaks out across ages, visit the stats page. There are a total of about just over 1700 blogs listed here. The site includes information on how to submit a site, but there are several restrictions (mostly concerning amount and type of advertising on sites.) A fun browse!

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