ResearchBuzz Roundup 031107

Sony is opening its own virtual world. In my perfect universe, Nintendo will buy Linden Labs and I’ll be able to walk around Second Life with a Wii.

Wikia aiming for 4th quarter search engine launch.

Bloggers helping with natural disasters. Interesting.

The National Archives (UK) releases new exhibit: 300 Years of Carribean History.

Q&A With Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist. It’s 2007 and we STILL need Internet evangelists?

Comparing the Congressional Record to the videotape from the actual proceedings. Guess what? They don’t match. (Digital archive available which is why I’m covering this.)

A database of “snow science” information.

University of Florida: Abandoning Net Neutrality Discourages Improvements in Service.

Job listings in podcasts. Hey, why not?

Thanks to Cyber Aspect for their nice review of Information Trapping.

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