Time to Search, Search With Time

Hey, this is pretty neat. Time Search is designed to allow you to search for information based on time with location or theme. Check it out at .

Make sure you have JavaScript turned on because this site doesn’t work well without it. Click on the buttons to pick an area if you like (broken down by continent, with sub-areas available; you can also choose World) and pick a theme if you like (technology, war, politics, religion, society, etc.)

If you’re REALLY feeling specific, choose which timeline sites to search (click on the Timeline Sites button at the bottom of the query box) then choose the year you want to search and BC or AD.

I chose 79 AD, worldwide, no themes, no restrictions on site. I got a timeline as a search result. The timeline starts at 79AD (Titus is emperor) and goes as far as 175 (Confucians take rubbings). These are the simple listings. Extended listings cover about a paragraph and as you might imagine are much more extensive. Sometimes the listings leave out a fact or two; the first entry says “Titus becomes emperor” but even the extended listing doesn’t say OF WHERE. Now you know and I know, but does everybody know?

Each listing has several icons to the right and left. One set of icons are blue and will take you to text-based search results for several different resources based on keywords in the timeline listing. (For example, the first entry in my search result might have text search links for Titus, Vespasian, “Roman Empire”, etc.) The other set of icons links directly to Google Image search results for selected words in the timeline entry.

The interface took a little getting used to; once I got the hang of it it was great. What a great way to browse history! A definite visit.

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