ResearchBuzz Roundup 033107

The latest site to offer RSS feeds? Why, it’s Nordstrom!

Pearson teaming up with Google to release math videos.

Q&A With Gary Price. Some great overviews of features.

John Backus.

Microsoft paying corporations to switch to Windows Live Search. Icky on so many levels. Live Search is not terrible, and there seems to be a lot of active, sensible development on it. If I were queen of Microsoft the first thing I’d do is change the flippin’ name (“Live Search” makes me wonder about “Dead Search” or “Just a Flesh Wound Search” or “I’m Not Dead I’m Getting Better Search”) and the second thing I’d do is concentrate on what Google isn’t doing. Like podcast search. Or fuller integration of RSS feeds. Or a blog search that isn’t spammed out the wazoo.

If you want to get Greasemonkey information, the place to go now is Greasespot.

Generate heat maps on top of Google Maps. Yow.

Find stadiums across the US. Many different sports covered.

10 Yahoo Pipes for Video Viewing. Nifty.

Thanks to Family Matters for their very nice comments on my book Information Trapping.

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