ResearchBuzz Roundup 040707

Woman calls BS on Vista-Capable computers. And she wants 5 million bucks. Whaaaa?

Are animals smarter than we thought? Any cat owner could have told you this.

Modern Drummer has new cross-platform digital archive.

Users slow to upgrade to Vista? Not surprising. Microsoft has
time on its side… most Windows users have to upgrade EVENTUALLY…. I’m planning for sometime next year.

Online Flash-based photo editor.. Wow. Not going to substitute for Photoshop (or Paint Shop Pro, or whatever) but it sure can do
a lot. Thanks Cool Tools.

Wiki-ing astronomy and space object information. [Doors]Show me the way to the next wikisky bar….[/Doors] Biblical data geocoded, crunched in Excel, applied to Google Earth KML files, etc.

Mashups for gamers: Gameflood.

Google Image Ripper?.

Flickr Real Time. View Flickr pix or tags as they’re udpated. The FlickrTV is fascinatin’ — try the full-screen version.
My brain hurts, but in a good way.

Music artist cloud. Enter an artist, get a tag cloud of similar artists. Works okay, seems to go by era
a lot (enter Eurythmics and the cloud is like “Who’s Who of the 80s.”) Now if only there were some way to offload this into Pandora..

Adding Pop-up politician information to CNN pages.

Lookin’ for Seamonkey Slogans

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