Send Yahoo Search Results to Your Mobile Phone

Hey, what’s up with the odd Yahoo Search Blog URLs? Well, no matter — I’m here to tell you about Yahoo’s new feature wherein they will send a page of search results to your mobile phone.

That is, if you’re searching for local information — regular old Web search apparently won’t cut it (which is too bad; sometimes I wouldn’t mind being able to do a quick Web search and then just send the information to my phone.) Anyway, do a search for local information with keywords and then some kind of location information, like paintball 90210. (When I tried searching for movies 90210, that apparently tripped another Yahoo Shortcut and it didn’t work.)

Anyway, when you do a search like that you’ll get a list of local destinations and then a link like Get results for “paintball 90210” on your mobile phone. Click that link and you’ll get a popup window into which you put your cell phone number. You’ll get a text message with a link to the search results. Just a link, mind you. Not the actual results. I guess they’re trying to save people who might have to pay a lot for text messaging, but the option to get actual content would be nice…

Yahoo also has a regular mobile search, of course, if you want to browse from your phone. It’s at

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