Go Fisssh — Metasearch and More

I remember when was launched. Long before it filed for bankruptcy in 2000 I told my husband it would fail. Why?, he asked. Because nobody’ll remember how to spell it, I said. They might guess gesundheit, gazoontight, gahzoontite, etc. Even if the site brands itself effectively it’ll be an uphill battle trying to get customers to remember the right spelling. Google may sound silly but at least it’s easy to spell. And that’s one of the reasons I can’t stand Web sites with complicated or hard to spell names.

Anyway, Gazoontite is the first thing I thought of when I visited new meta-search engine fisssh. Or, as I’m calling it to help myself remember, “Three-S fisssh.” (There is no four-s fish, and the two-s fish is a squatsite.) fisssh is available at . (No, I don’t think it’s going to fail or anything like that. I just wonder about the three s’s.)

Fisssh is another metasearch engine with two differences. The firssst (sorry) is that the results are laid out in “newspaper style”, across several columns, with different resources given different sized blocks of information. The blog search, for example, shows results from Zuula, Sphere, Technorati, and Bloglines, among others. The second thing is that fisssh points to additional search resources. The blog search has, at the bottom of its search result page, links to over eighty additional blog search resources, most of which I had never heard of.

Yes, there’s blog search at fisssh. There’s several other search options as well, including Web, videos, podcasts, “info” (Wikipedia,,, Highbeam (!!)) and social (MySpace, Bolt, Friendster, etc.) Each search that I looked at had an enormous selection of pointers to additional search resources in the same arena. The fisssh searches themselves used an interesting combination of resources and the layout was easy to use. However, I got a lot more about the pointers to additional resources.

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