New Database of Legislation on Caregiving

Family Caregiver Alliance has started an online database of state and national legislation on caregiving at . The database will be updated monthly.

You have a couple of ways to go through the available information. The first is to view the information broken down by state or federal sphere. Looking at Federal Legislation Introduced or Enacted in 109th Congress or State Legislation Introduced or Enacted in 2004-2006 will get you a page with a brief overview and then a table of information including bill status, date of introduction, summary, and current status.

Alternately, you can view the information by policy strategy, including care coordination, tax incentives, and Medicare.

As long as you’re here, also check out Caregiving Across the States, which provides state-by-state information on caregiving resources. Nebraska had four programs or sets or programs listed as well as a state profile available.

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