News Launches Tool for Name Mining

I can’t think of anything else to call it. has launched a new part of their site that allows you to enter a name and get a breakdown of how that name is represented across the United States. You can check it out at .

Enter a first and/or last name, and a state you want to search (you can also choose all states.) I did a search for John Doe in all states. And then I got a page full of John Doe information.

I got a table of where Doe is ranked in the phone book (6,161 of 6,843,982), where John is ranked (1 of 2,634,850) and the next rankings for first and last names. I got the ranking of the full name — 14,095 of 47,613,506 — which puts John Doe between John Emery and John Hendrickson in popularity. also has listings for the most popular states containing that name, and at the end of the page, a map of the US with states color-coded by how many people have that name. Lots of John Does in New York and Georgia, for some reason.

This will be a great tool for genealogists, and for the rest of us, a very weird timesink.

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