ResearchBuzz Roundup 050607

Confidential to Matt: Awwww…. woogie woogie woogie. Thanks for the nice mention . And as you’ll see when you read Information Trapping, I find Amazon’s search engine one of THE MOST FRUSTRATING THINGS ON THE INTERNET. Rant available if you’re interested.

This is the pinkest blog to ever mention one of my books. Go visit it. It’s pink.

Hoovers has The Hoovers Index. What companies are Hoovers subscribers watching? Very interesting.

New database: Festivals in Iowa!

Wireless networking in libraries — the Wiki!

Google Spreadsheets does GeoCoding. Verra nice. Another nice feature on Google — if you enter in a date in Roman numerals (at least all the ones I tried) the first result is a Wikipedia page for that year, so you can translate without having to go to a reference site.

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