Getting Back in the Saddle AGAIN….

Blah blah busy work home thyroid family blah.

Now that that’s out of the way, a few thoughts before I get back into writing up sites and services.

* WIKINOMICS — My husband and I had a long drive last weekend so I bought the audio book version of Wikinomics to listen to — I thought I could give a book report. We had in the past listened to The Long Tail and Freakonomics while driving and quite enjoyed them, so we figured Wikinomics would be a good fit (and I’m a Don Tapscott fan.) Unfortunately, after about 40 minutes my husband informed me soberly that if we didn’t listen to something else he would drive off the side of a mountain (we were on the Blue Ridge Parkway.) I’m going to try to read the book…

* CRAIGSLIST — I was at a party and watched a 20-minute conversation about what a great resource Craigslist is. I have even started hearing Craigslist as a verb. “I decided I didn’t have room for that desk anymore so I Craigslisted it.” If I were a classified ads manager at a newspaper, I would be spending every spare second mad-scientist-ing my department, trying to find new and better offerings. Flashier Web sites like MySpace and YouTube are getting all the attention, but Craigslist is going to knock over an industry.

* YAHOO GETTING ACQUIRED BY MICROSOFT — Oh, I hope not. I really, really hope not. Horrified might not be too strong a word. This whole “Live Search” thing has been a mess, and I’m afraid of Microsoft getting Yahoo and doing the same thing to it. Yahoo is doing some amazing things — Yahoo Pipes for just one — and I’d hate to see it get stifled. On the other hand, I would love for Yahoo to acquire IceRocket for the trending tools and blog search.

* SECOND LIFE — I’m still working on Second Life. In fact, I’m renting part of an island. Yes, an island is a bit more expensive. However, we have a lot more control over content and what we sit next to. I’m building a search engine information center, conference area, and bookstore. And of course there’s a beach for soaking up rays and listening to the seagulls. I’m thinking about setting up a mall-type area for just libraries and similar sites that want an SL presence but don’t want to pay rent. Anyway, stay tuned.

* NOSTALGIA — Remember when Ask was putting stickers on apples?

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