ResearchBuzz Roundup 051907

Google now has “Sort by date with duplicates included” as one of its sort options — sorting by date now seems to automatically remove duplicates (wire stories, etc.) In some of the experimental searches I did sorting by date without duplicates cut the number of results in half.

New U of Iowa digital photo collection: .

Virginia Tech launches April 16 archive.

Online encyclopedia of wild plants in Malta.

The underwater life of the Long Island Sound. In an archive.

University of Vermont Libraries has launched the Center for Digital Initiatives .

New MP3s of Ezra Pound poetry readings.

A new specialized industrial search engine: find fabrics .

Google Reader for the Wii. Silly and fabulous.

New East London theatre archive starting up in 2009.

Upcoming database economic performance of West African countries.

Tony Blair has a posse … I mean a YouTube channel.

Househacker — terrific blog for home enthusiast geekery.

Upcoming digital archive of all films made in Quebec. About 800?!

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