ResearchBuzz Roundup 052807

GARY GOT MARRIED?!! Dang it, I miss everything. Oh, they’re adorable. Congratulations to the happy couple. Gary, can I send you a fish slice? How about enroll in the Henderson Grit-Of-the-Month club? Engraved boiled peanuts?

GMail has increased its attachment limit.

Copyright law resource.

It’s designed to search the Arabic Web, but has an English interface available:

Florida parents! The state of Florida has released a database on the quality of pre-kindergarten programs statewide at . The state has not yet set their minimum standards, so you won’t be able to view those alone, but you will be able to get a list of pre-K providers, rated on a 300-point scale.

New database of summer opportunities for Boston youth: .

Want to find band pages on MySpace? . Looks to be pretty new.

So Google-the-Company has its own page on DMOZ?

Public schools (and public school news) on Google Maps.

State of Ohio generates database of state-owned properties.

State of Pennsylvania now offering Kennel Inspection Database.

Database of chemicals possibly linked to breast cancer: .

Explore the rare species of Michigan.

National Library of Scotland: Medical history of British India.

Dell selling Ubuntu machines. There is so much happy buzz around Ubuntu that I’m checking myself for defects — it runs like cold molasses on every machine I’ve tried it on. Xubuntu is much faster, but I’ve never gotten Xubuntu to install off the live CD (and I’ve tried it on three. different. machines. using CDs burned on three different machines.)

Google’s buying Feedburner? oy… Interesting…

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