Browsing the Next Big Thing

You know, the late 90s and the bubble were a long time ago, yet whenever I see some overblown press release talking about revolutionary new paradigms or some other such nonsense I still want to go hide under something.

I suspect with this site I’ll be spending a lot of time hiding under my desk. Killer Startups, at, reviews over 2 dozen new sites a day. It looks a lot like Digg, with spaces for Diggs (only they’re called “Killers”) and reviews of each site.

You can browse the sites by date, search by keyword, or browse about a dozen categories. I looked at the Search category, of course, which has 97 listings at this writing and included sites like TheMolu and ZitGist, but also older sites like Exalead. Each site listing has an overview, a description of the site from the site itself, and a brief review from KillerStartups. KillerStartups also notes why the site in question might be a killer, but also asks some questions about the veracity of the startup (that’s the difference between the late 90s and the late 00s — there is some attempt to pop the bubble.) Each listing also has a “Killer Data” box that attempts to show contact information, traffic data, etc. — but the data boxes I looked at were mostly empty.

There are RSS feeds, of course. Feeds cover all startups, today’s, and the top ten. Sadly I could not figure out a way to get a feed by category (I want to see what this site finds in the way of search; I’m less interested in ecommerce, marketing, etc.) Still, it’s frequently updated and the site reviews aren’t breathlessly excited. Worth a look.

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