Vivisimo/Clusty Goes Mobile

Search engine Vivisimo has announced that its clustering search engine has gone mobile, now available for the tiny screen at .

I called it up on my cell phone and ran a few searches. It’s actually a little ways down the results page before you get to search results. I ran a search for Fred and got clusters first, then a stock quote, then a Wikipedia article, then content from Snopes (!), then image and news results, THEN Web pages. (I knew they were in there somewhere!) At the very bottom of the page there were links to refine your search (in the case of my Fred search suggestions included Fred Rogers, Fred Frith, Uncle Fred, Fred Eaglesmith…)

Once you find something you want to click on, Clusty slims them down for mobile viewing on the fly. I’m not sure how this is being done, but a Snopes page was basically stripped of its ads and nav, showing just the content. (As a mobile search user, I like this. As a site owner, I don’t think I would like this done to my site.)

I have been dividing Web searching on my phone between Google and Ask. I don’t think I’ll use Clusty for simple fact searching, but if I need to know about an event or famous person, or perhaps (as in one incident a couple of weeks ago) a particular kind of tree, I’ll try it first.

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