Yahoo Image Search Integrates Flickr Images

Yahoo has announced that now Yahoo’s Image Search results will include Flickr photos! Over 300 million of them have been added to the Yahoo Image Search pool.

The direct link for Yahoo Image Search is . I did a search for snowstorm and saw that the Flickr images are denoted with “by on Flickr”. (You can click on the member name to see all their images on Flickr.) I was also reminded that Yahoo Image Search gives you a wallpaper search option while Google Images only goes up to “large” images.

Obviously this adds a huge pool of photos to Yahoo Image Search, and judging by the quality of what I’ve seen on Flickr this is a good thing. I am disappointed however that Yahoo didn’t take advantage of the fact that there’s a lot more data for these photos (like date taken, updated, tags, camera used, etc.) and make that part of the YIS advanced search. And no RSS feed either…. bummer…

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