FeedBurner, It Is Free

RSS stats site has announced that its premium services are now free.

This includes number of item views and unique number of people who read your feed. It also includes the MyBrand service, where you use the FeedBurner features but keep the URL of the RSS feed on your own site.

If you have a heavily-used RSS feed on your site, or even if you’re just interested in seeing what content of yours people are finding the most interesting, I really recommend FeedBurner. I had no idea how popular Bloglines or Pageflakes were until I started using FeedBurner. I’m also continually surprised by what items I post generate the most interest and the most clicks. Finally, FeedBurner makes it really easy for me to integrate my posts over at WRAL (the Tech Talk) blog with FeedBurner so I have everything in one place. And now all those stats and services are totally free!

Cool. Take a look!

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