The Ohio State University Press Makes Dozens Of Books Free

The Ohio State University Press has announced that it will be making “certain books” available for free download from its site. (You’ll need a PDF reader.) The books are available at .

There are actually over 60 books here, from Daniel Aaron’s Cincinnati: Queen City of the West, 1819–1838 to John Harold Wilson’s Court Satires of the Restoration. Click on the book title for additional information about the book and PDF files of various chapters. The books I looked at were out of paper print but still had very assertive copyright reminders.

What I did NOT see was any way to actually search the content, so here’s the Google query you want: keyword inurl:books Add intitle:book title to the search if you want to restrict your results to a specific text. Of course, there’s no guarantee that all the content’s been indexed, but I had good results with the test searches I ran.

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