Lists of Theatres Without Much Detail

I had not realized how much detail was being put in most directory listings until I came across a site that provides about 8,000 links, but very little detail. Curtain Rising, at , lists theatres from all over the world but it’s just a link to the theatre’s site, no additional detail that I can see.

Why am I mentioning them here then? Gravity — they have so dang MANY listings. From the front page of the site you can specify a geographical area and then get sublistings for that area. Texas had dozens and dozens of theatres listed, with apparently defunct theatres grayed and line’d out.

But the lists are just link lists, with no description. Even a basic bit of information in a mouseover would be good. Or a screenshot. SOMETHING.

Oh, there’s also material here besides lists of theatres. There’s also lists of Shakespeare festivals, sites, and texts. (These last two actually have nice descriptions to go with the links.) There’s a list of shows, but it doesn’t link back to the theatres and I can’t tell how complete it is. And there’s some pointers to forums and general theatreish stuff.

I like the site’s design and the sheer number of listings — if only for a little… more… information!

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