I Love The Internet, Part 20571515

I found this site today while search for something totally different and got a great laugh. I love the Internet. Sure, there are sites for golf, and sites for comic books — so, hey, why not, a site for comic books related to golf. Yepper, check out .

This site features images of hundreds — literally hundreds — of comic book covers that include golf. Some of them are expected (Yes, The Adventures of Bob Hope was a comic), some of them are fairly mundane (Mickey Mouse, Richie Rich, etc.) and some of them are just weird (Beavis and Butthead, Anarchy Comics). Listings are divided alphabetically over several pages and include name and date of the comic as well as a few details. Click on the picture of the cover for a slightly larger picture. One time I saw a cover that didn’t quite seem to have the golf reference, but realized there was golf equipment in the background (New Teen Titans.)

In addition to the gallery of covers there’s also a want list and a list of golf-themed comic book covers for sale. Totally awesome.

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