New Amazon ECS Release

I haven’t been doing much nerdy on ResearchBuzz, but in my job I have been spending time with Amazon ECS and I quite like it. The Amazon ECS — Amazon E-Commerce Service — is a way to search Amazon’s listings and merchants, either in toto or one at a time. You can get more information at (click on the “Amazon E-Commerce Service” link on the left.)

I bring this up because a new version of Amazon ECS has been announced. This new version introduces a few new variables and includes lots of coverage of Amazon tags. I have mentioned Amazon’s tags recently.

If you want to get a sense of how popular Amazon’s tags are, check out the tag cloud at . See that &length=250 at the end? It’s editable; I found it worked to set the number up to 1000. The resulting huge cloud goes from 1080p to zen zombie zombies. Click on a tag for products tagged with that information and pointers to additional information, like forum discussions.

I was pleased with Amazon ECS before, but I can see a whole new set of experiments now that tags are so extensively supported. There’s not enough time in the day…

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