Who’s Reading the Google Blogs?

Now that FeedBurner has been acquired by Google, it’s probably not too surprising that Google has FeedBurner tags on some of its blogs (alas, not all, not yet.) I had some fun wandering around the blogs and seeing what was being read the most. (Being read the most in FeedBurner, of course; this doesn’t count how many people are visiting the Web site, watching the pages, etc.)

The Official Google Blog has as you might expect over 440 THOUSAND readers. I’m surprised that the Gmail blog has less than 5000 readers (of course, it’s much more new.) GMail’s FeedBurner readership is only about 500 more than the Orkut blog, which I would not have expected.

Meanwhile, the blog has less than 300 readers in FeedBurner — very surprising! The Google Mashup Editor blog has less than 500, less surprising since this application is not yet publicly available.

Between the GMail blog and the, blog, the Public Policy Blog has over 2000 readers.

I can’t wait for the FeedBurner badge to be added to the all the Google blogs. How is the Google Reader blog stacking up against Google Book Search? What about Google LatLong or Inside AdWords? The mind boggles…

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