New Searchable Database of Tech Events

Tech Event Guide has announced a new searchable online database of tech events in North America and Europe. Tech Event Guide lists over 1600 events and is available at .

You can search events by keyword, or browse by country or category. Note on the browsing page there’s a list of “Featured Events” and then a list of “Events”. The advanced search page allows you to search by keyword or location. You can also search past events (nice!) You can also choose to search for seminars or webinars (in other words, online events.)

I did a search for event and got five results, with the soonest ones listed first. The events are spaced very far apart so you have to scroll down to see them — an odd Firefox thing? To get more information than you get on the search result (name of event, date, location), you’ll need to really go around your elbow — click the “Send Me Info” link with the event, and then click on the “Event Details” link on the left of that page.

That will give you a few more details, like a brief description and sometimes a Web site, but a lot of the events I looked at were very light on details. The date search was useful, but I found the site was best for finding event names. After I found ’em I did a full-text search engine lookup to get more details.

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