Eco-Index Passes One Thousand Projects

The Eco-Index, an online database of conservation projects in the Americas, has been online since 2001. But it recently hit a milestone of 1,000 projects, and as recently started including projects in the US and Canada. You can check it out at

You can do a simple keyword search from the front page, or you can do a more extensive search that allows you to search by country, category, keyword, etc. I did a search just for the US and found 24 projects underway, from Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Rapid Reef Assessment to Reducing Agricultural Threats in the Meso-American Reef Ecoregion.

The list of projects, which is in alphabetical order, includes a title, brief description, responsible organizations (usually multiple) and relevant categories. Clicking on the title of the project will give you a detail page including participating countries, date started, contact information, relevant Web sites (if any), project objectives, budget, etc. You know what I’d love to see here? — and I don’t even know if it’s feasible — a blog for each project. Or very overt links to progress reports. One project, for example, has field reports, but a link to these reports is not front-and-center on the project’s detail page.

While you’re at this site take a look at the sustainable tourism index and the migratory species index. Lots to see.

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