New Search Engine for FAQs

Got a question? Find an answer. In fact, find lots of answers. QueryCAT, at, allows you to search a database of over four million questions and answers.

Ironically QueryCAT does not have a FAQ page itself, but its about page serves the same purpose. The database of pages is built off the Alexa Web Search platform with the addition of QueryCAT’s “unique question recognition technology” to run the search.

You’ll see from the front page of the site that you can search for questions — my old standard, “Why is the sky blue?” gives 488 results in this context. But you can also search for words or brand names. A search for Maxell found questions from sources as varied as Stevie Ray Vaughan FAQ to DVD+RW Alliance to Elephant Calendar Support.

It’s also interesting to use the search engine to check for products being used as solutions. For example, I might search for “use openoffice” and see how people are using that product to solve various problems (like opening Microsoft Office products on Linux, etc.) It doesn’t appear that QueryCAT recognizes phrases, however, but you will get the occasional wonky FAQ in your search results.

It would be nice to be able to limit your searches categorically, or to get a better sense of what’s being searched, but I found a lot of useful information here — nice to search for brand names and not get a ton of spaham.

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