Archive of Video Movie Reviews with Siskel, Ebert, and Roeper

First it was Siskel & Ebert, then it was Ebert & Roeper, and now it’s all three guys (and guest stars) in a video archive spanning over five thousand reviews, available at . The new review set is called “The Balcony Archive”.

Note that it is nowhere near complete. Siskel & Ebert started in 1975 and apparently many of the reviews were not kept. Instead, it looks like the majority of the reviews start around 1985. (The direct link for the video review archive is here.

Search is simple keyword; search results however are provided in three panes: movie titles, actors/actresses, and directors. Partial words are searched — a search for thin will find anything, etc. Click on the name of an actor or director and you’ll get a list of their films.

Watching the reviews is a matter of clicking on the table and waiting for the in-browser video player to load. There is a small commercial that plays before the review, but it’s not so long as to be annoying. While the review is playing, there’s a link to the right of the video that links to summary and cast information for the movie being reviewed. You can look at this information without bothering the video. Reviews seemed to be about five or six minutes long.

The videos themselves were mostly easy to watch. Sometimes in the older ones the sound is a little blurry. And of course in the movie clips themselves swear words are censored out. If I were better at movies I would like this more, but it was fun searching for favorite actors and seeing how far back I could go with finding old movies.

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