Everybody’s Suggesting At Me

Google has had suggestion help for a while — you know, you start typing in a search and Google starts offering you search terms you might want to use. You can try it at .

Now Yahoo has expanded its search suggestion service to If you go to and start typing in a search term, and you’ll get a list of search suggestions. (It seems this takes a few seconds to load — at least it did for me — so don’t start looking for suggestions right away.)

Now I was pretty sure that the search suggestions wouldn’t be the same across the two sites, but I wondered how different they were. Then I remembered that did that as well, and decided to do a head-to-head across the three services.

I said sham. They said…
Ask Yahoo Google
shamrock shamrock shamrock
shaman shaman king shaman
shampoo gwen shamblin shampoo
shamanism shampoo shameless
shamrocks shaman shamu
I said moo. They said…
Ask Yahoo Google
moon phases calendar moon phases moon
moon calendar full moon calendar moodle
moon phase calendar moon moonpig
moon cycles benjamin moore moose
moon full moon moon phases
I said ran. They said…
Ask Yahoo Google
rand mcnally shabba ranks rand mcnally
randy orton married power rangers range rover
range rand mcnally random
rani mukherjee texas rangers random facts
range rover rangers rangers

Hmm. Not really sure if I learned anything here except, according to that last search, suggestions can be really, really different….

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