Products and Services for “Green Living” Launched

A new directory has been launched for green products and services. It’s available at . In addition to the directory, there’s general green information available as well.

You can browse by state or category, or search by keyword. I did a search for clothing which gave me two categories and four subcategories devoted to clothing. I chose children’s clothing and got seven results. None of them seemed to be devoted completely to children’s clothing, with most of them being general clothes stores. The listings included a picture, store name, and one-lane description. Click on the Find Out More link for additional information about the company, including a Web site address and sometimes e-mail. The additional information is pretty minimal, unfortunately. (I also found that doing general keyword searches worked best.)

In addition to the products and services listings the site also offers forums, a “Green Living 101” tutorial, and a newsletter. There’s a place for products and an event listing, but those places aren’t populated yet. Interesting but I wish there were a little more store information.

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