Directory of Distance Education Programs

If you’re looking for distance learning opportunities, be sure to check out, a directory of distance education opportunities.

You can browse through categories or you can use pulldown menus from the front page to specify a category (and concentration), the type of certification you want (certificate, online degree, etc.) and whether you want to sort the results by most or least expensive (or don’t sort them at all.)

I decided I wanted a certificate in electronics engineering, no sort. No results. There wasn’t anything short of a bachelor’s for electronics engineering. I tried again, looking for an associate degree in marketing and sales.

I got two results, which give you the name of the institution and the cost right off the bat, so your eyeballs can waste no time bugging out of your head. After that you’ll get an extensive description of the degree and credit cost, and a bit of description about the institution itself (descriptions are only marginally fluffy.) All the listings I saw also showed the names of the institutions accreditors. I recognized none of these so had to search for them. (“Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology” site:gov told me plenty.)

With each listing I saw there was also a link to request additional information, which was usually a form from the institution.

There was other interesting information on the site but it required a bit of digging in the site map. There’s a listing of distance education schools, for example, a few school reviews (would probably be more but this page seems kind of buried) and a set of distance education articles.

Worth a look, though I wish there were more courses available.

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