New Search Engine For Video Content

Or should that be “yet another search engine for video content”? It’s all good. We’re playing in a very big swimming pool. Anyway, Lumerias, at, seems to be searching the biggies like YouTube and DailyMotion, but also to be crawling the Web in general for video content. (Read the search engine’s about page — it’s exceptionally literate.)

Searching is simple keyword. I did a search for commentary and got about 1190 results. That’s not the weird part, though. The weird part is that I got to see summaries on all 1190 of the results. Google will only let you see 1000 results at a time. You Go Lumerias!

Search results include screenshot (not very useful), title, description and tags (seems often to be more description than tag), video type, URL, and source. There is also a link to download the video but when I tried to use that a couple of times it didn’t work. I didn’t know if that was me or Lumerias (I’m using FireFox.)

I liked how many results I was getting, and I liked that I could see those results. I did have some questions though about what I was seeing. Like: how are search results being sorted? Can I exclude results based on language? Is there any way to see all the non-webcrawl sources? Can I filter based on video size? Is there any way to get more information about video length and file size in the search result?

It’s a very good start, but it’s such a good start I want more…

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