BusinessDictionary Launches

Don’t know a junk bond from a hole in the ground? Boy, are you in luck. There’s a new site with over 20,000 business-related definitions. Check it out at .

You can browse the dictionary by subject areas (over 40 of ’em, from Accounting & Auditing to Securities & Futures Trading) or you can do a dictionary search. (There’s also a list of popular terms. Wait a minute. People don’t know what accounting means? Oh, these are a list of terms that everybody SHOULD know. Okay. I’m better now.) If you want to read the whole thing you can also do a letter browse.

BusinessDictionary also offers search suggestions. I started typing a search term (forensic accounting and got several suggestions, including forensic audit, forensic engineering, and forensic medicine (forensic medicine?).

A sample search for junk bond actually brings up two results — junk bond and junk bond fund. Click on one and you’ll get a definition that has several of its own words crosslinked to other definitions. You’ll find out what subjects the definition is filed under, and sometimes also what other definitions include the word/phrase for which you searched. Links allow you to print the definition or mail it to a friend.

Neatly-designed, quick, and with a lot of definitions. Nice.

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