GenieKnows Makes Search Engine for Gamers

GenieKnows has launched a search engine focusing on content for video gamers, now available at .

In addition to the search engine query box, the site also features a tag cloud (I’m starting to like tag clouds a little better for browsing), featured video, and a gaming blog.

I’m happy to report that the search engine passed the Strawberry Shortcake test with flying colors, getting me lots of results that were oriented toward the character’s video games (in case you needed a cheat against a Purple Pieman boss.) I noticed that more recent games tended to get more results than older games (perhaps differences in which Web sites are talking about the older games?) and I’m not sure that quotes for phrases are recognized; I did a search for “Emperor Rise” and got results for Emperor, Rise of the Silver Surfer, etc…

Search results included the usual title/extract/url pattern, though FeedBurner content also had a little flame icon next to it. Links allow users to submit sites as broken or spaham. Look to the left of the results page to see that results are divided into categories — cheats, fans, blogs, articles & reviews, etc.

I did notice that in one category — software — the results weren’t as good, and there was a little bit of spaham (though it was quickly reported.) It would be nice if search results in the blogs & news categories could be ordered by freshness, as well. It’ll take a little extra searching to get around if phrases don’t work, but this could be useful next time I need a walkthrough…

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