ResearchBuzz Roundup 082707

Real-time traffic in Google Earth. MESSED UP! (In a good way.) adds new cities.

Reverse Geocoding with Google Maps. Oooo.

Checking for copies with DOC Cop.

This seems counterintuitive: Environmental Disasters Reduce the Likelihood of Pro-Green Votes by Members of Congress

Wikipedia merrymaking down under.

On Computers got a redesign! Very nice.

Ball State University headed to Second Life.

What do laptops and hypothyroidism have in common? Both tend to give you unsatisfactory battery life. (But Synthroid sure helps!)

Database — foreclosed properties in Missouri. Fee access.

Acer buying Gateway. This upsets me a lot. Every time two computer makers consolidate, it seems like us end users end up with fewer and crappier choices at the retail store. I like Gateway fine (I sure like them more than I did 10-12 years ago) and I like Acer fine. But I don’t like less choice.

Tracking volcano and hurricane activity — with Google Maps…

Updates to Yahoo Mail.

new WWI diary in digital archive.

A Wiki for the Philippines.

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