Family Education Adds New PrintablesCenter

School’s back in session! Looking for educational offerings for your kids? Family Education has launched a new “printables” center, available at .

The site allows you to pick an age range (from 0-3 to 12-18 — 12-18 is kind of a wide range, isn’t it?) and a category (including Art & Music, Skill Builders, and Coloring Pages) to get a list of available pages. You can also look at lists of popular pages that are available at the front of the site.

I looked at Forms & Charts for 7-11 years old and found charts in a variety of categories, including Genealogy, Learning Disabilities (including a symptoms chart for Asperger) and even lunchbox notes. Click on the name of a printable and you’ll get a little description of the chart and an invitation to view/download it.

Unfortunately in order to get to the printable you do have to register. This is more annoying than invasive but it IS annoying. You’ll have to provide an e-mail address. The site’s privacy policy is here; nothing is untoward but the site has one of those annoying deals where they precheck newsletter boxes, presuming on your behalf that you want to read what they have to offer. EIGHT newsletters. Um.

After (providing an e-mail address, carefully unclicking all eight newsletter boxes, and) registering, I clicked on View Printable and got a PDF file that was, in fact, printable.

I found a surprising variety of resources here, though some of them seemed rather out of the stated scope (why do the 7-11 year olds need the “Appreciating Your Spouse Quiz”?) and the registration process is annoying. If you’re a teacher and a homeschooler you might find some cool stuff here.

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