Google News Makes Sorting Change, Now Hosting News

Google News has announced that it has become removing duplicates of articles from search results, now going back and providing the original article. (This has been in sort-by-date for a while.) In doing some experimenting I’ve found that this isn’t perfect — I’ll still very occasionally get the marginally-rewritten wire story in my results — it’s better. A lot better. Removing the dupes seems to be bringing a lot more editorials and columnists to the front, which is great.

Google also announced that it would be hosting Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, UK Press Association, and Canadian Press content from now on. Looks like the correct source: syntax for finding Associated Press content is source:the_associated_press. If you do the search washington source:the_associated_press you’ll get 346 results at this writing with pointers to content hosted at .

I wanted to see how much crossover is going on so I went to Google and searched You’ll get some results if you do that, but not many (I found about 17) and Google does not have these pages available as cached. So they really are just on Google News.

To find just Google-hosted content on Google News, use with your regular Google News search.

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